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Getting Ready for the Big Night

Halloween is a big deal at my house. Every year I host a giant blowout, and this year I’ve really outdone myself.  It’s a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery, where guests can find clues to solve the Case of the Missing Mason … Continue reading

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Why Endurance Racing is Somewhat Awesome

A gong begins to resonate through a dark campground. Energy buzzes in the air, crackling from tent to tent as campers emerge to light their stoves, brew their coffee, and stuff as many calories as possible into nervous stomachs. Orbs … Continue reading

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Highlights from the Shenandoah Mountain 100

Hurricane Isaac might’ve put a damper dampening on the racing at this year’s SM100, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t memorable times to be had. Inspiring Bromance: When teammate Todd cartwheeled over the handlebars in a significant way, Scott’s thought … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 is this Sunday. It’s basically a 100-mile mountain bike race through the Shenandoah National Forest and surrounding area. By “basically,” I mean “really f***ing hard.” I’m doing it on my singlespeed, which is how I roll. … Continue reading

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Getting Canned

I remember carefully navigating the stairs into the basement of my grandparents’ ranch house as a little girl, stealing around the corner to where my Mommom’s canned goods perched. Shelf after shelf sat filled with glass mason jars.  Plump tomatoes … Continue reading

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Cool Mint on a Steamy Afternoon

Loyal fans of The Rhetorical Purpose know just how well they are treated. Last Friday, as temperatures climbed into the 90s, a frosty, minty concoction awaited Friday Happy Hour attendees. Chef Chloe’s vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream, as featured … Continue reading

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Friday Night Lights at the ChesLen Preserve

On July 13th, I attended “Friday Night Lights,” an event sponsored by radio station WXPN, at the ChesLen Preserve in Chester County. It was a fun evening of live music, s’more making, and visiting with live owls (one of my … Continue reading

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