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Good Light

If you live in the mid-atlantic region, you know that today was one of those rare, perfect-weather days–no humidity, bright sunshine, endless blue skies with a few wispy clouds on which to rest romantic notions of summertime. The entire day … Continue reading

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A Perfect Combo

I realize that I’ve neglected to blog about my transformative experience as a new movie producer and director, and I promise I will get around to that soon, but in the meantime, check out the magnificent lunch that came out … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Evening

So it was with mild trepidation that my friend Jess (yes, the Jess from Memphis Vegan Road Trip Odyssey 2012 fame) and I headed off in sleeting mid-March conditions to see my camera guy/editor Brendan play with his band at … Continue reading

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Clean Getaway

Vegan month featured some unintended foraging in the meat world, my Strava Base Mile Blast miles remained in the unimpressive triple digit range, and I missed two entire weeks of Downtown Abbey. A lackluster finish to January? No way! Clean … Continue reading

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The Year Starts Off Big in January

January is a big month this year. Sure, there’s Season 3 of Downton Abbey, which necessitated a sleepover at my Mom’s house on Sunday. Never mind that I haven’t caught up with seasons 1 and 2 yet. I will! Then, … Continue reading

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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

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Powder Coated

First real snowfall of the season. Adorable brick cape cod, circa 1948. Lemony vegan Linzer cookies, circa 2012.

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