Friday Night Lights at the ChesLen Preserve

On July 13th, I attended “Friday Night Lights,” an event sponsored by radio station WXPN, at the ChesLen Preserve in Chester County. It was a fun evening of live music, s’more making, and visiting with live owls (one of my absolute favorite critters) from the Great Valley Nature Center. I went for the owls, but…

About Jesse Piersol

Griot. Filmmaker. Fatbike aficionado.
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2 Responses to Friday Night Lights at the ChesLen Preserve

  1. Jessie, so glad you enjoyed your visit to our ChesLen Preserve! Friday Night Lights has become a very popular (sold out each year) annual event celebrating the night sky. Night creatures (the owls), star gazing, firelight, and more.

    ChesLen is just one of Natural Lands Trust’s 41 nature preserves across the region and beyond. Many, like ChesLen, are open to the public for passive recreation free of charge, every day of the year. For directions and more information, visit And please consider becoming a member… we rely on your support to continue our work in open space conservation and habitat restoration! Thanks!

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