Putting a Face on the Singlespeed

Didn’t seem fair to write a post about being inspired by my bike without giving it a post of its own, so here it is (my, what big wheels you have!):


  • Spot Brand Longboard frame: Steel, with a split dropout to run belt drive if you want. Rides GREAT, and it’s one of the very few 29ers I fit on. I believe the Longboard was an experiment by Spot in mass producing frames overseas (their frames are made in the U.S.), and was only made in 2009. However, I simply peeled off the “Made in Taiwan” sticker, and now it was made in Colorado.
  • Black Sheep titanium fork: Actually a suspension-corrected 26er fork to reduce the standover height of the bike. It is springy and plush, but precise. Turning is quick but never floppy, and I feel like it offers all the great benefits of a 29er, with the agility and spunk of a 26er.
  • Awesome handbuilt wheels by George: Stan’s Crest 29er rims with Paul hubs and DT Revolution spokes, for an unbelievably supple ride.
  • Thomson Masterpiece seatpost: It’s like a fine piece of bicycle jewelry. Handmade in Macon, Georgia. I’m mentioning it because it was a lovely Christmas present from someone who refuses to appear in my blog. So there you go.
  • White Industries Dos freewheel: I ride my singlespeed everywhere, and this freewheel gives me a reasonable gear for the road, with a comfortable gear for the woods. I can switch gearing in a manner of seconds, although I’ve never done it mid-ride, because that defeats the purpose and purity of singlespeed. Don’t argue with me about this, and don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you.
  • Vintage Ritchey WCS titanium clipless pedals. Yeah, they’re awesome, and if you’re patient, you can score a set on eBay. Nothing says “The Rhetorical Purpose” like a pair of pedals from 1995.

About Jesse Piersol

Griot. Filmmaker. Fatbike aficionado.
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