Vintage Find of the Season: My Sherlock Coat

One need only watch 15 minutes of the BBC’s hit TV show Sherlock to develop a deep, burning need for a long, swooshing overcoat. What better way to fend off the dismal, damp winter we’ve had here in the Northeast than with the sharply drawn lines of Sherlock’s classic Belstaff coat?

My first impulse was to buy one for myself, which proved impossible. And really, I didn’t want the exact coat, but rather, a femininely-reimagined version that captured the essence of the original. So I sketched it out:

My Mom reluctantly agreed to help me create it.  “It’s gonna be quite a project,” she furrowed the brow apprehensively. “But I need it,” I begged shamelessly. I even considered sending my design to the talented folks over at Denver Dressmakers for a custom job.

Lo and behold, on a recent visit to the Goodwill, I happened upon a tweedy wool coat tucked amongst the puffy nylon jackets and filmy prom dresses. Although the details are different, the attitude is right, complete with a fabulous sense of movement expressed in its very 1960s swing-style design. Best of all, it’s handmade and reversible (I know!). The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it pleases me to give it a new home. Holme…s.

What’s your proudest vintage find?

About Jesse Piersol

Griot. Filmmaker. Fatbike aficionado.
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3 Responses to Vintage Find of the Season: My Sherlock Coat

  1. ianyxl says:

    I found a coat, Sherlock coat,it looks like very cool !!

  2. jessepiersol says:

    Very accurate replica!

  3. moviecostumesky says:

    Sherlock coat

    I like the film,and costume,how about this coat?

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